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We would like to provide some answers to some common questions that may come up in the future.

Q: What do I do if I have a medical issue and the office is not open?

A: You simply call the main office number, 583-0000, and you will be instructed on how to reach the after-hours line. Most of the time it will be Dr. Brennan, but on occasion you will be forwarded to a covering physician. This should be used for emergency questions. We prefer that you call during office hours for appointments, referrals, and prescriptions.


Q: What do I do if I need my prescription filled?

A: You can have your pharmacist send and electronic request for prescription that have no more refills available. You can also request refills through our porta.


Q: Who will take care of me if I need to be admitted to the hospital?

A: Dr. Brennan has an agreement with Saratoga In-Patient Physicians, a hospitalists group, which will manage the hospital stay care. They will forward the hospital stay notes to the office.


Q: Is my copay expected at the time of visit?

A: Most Insurance companies require a copayment to be paid at the time of the visit. There may be a charge for copays that are billed.


Q: How will I be informed of results?

A: That varies from situation to situation. We believe patient’s should be informed of results of all testing. For routine labs, pap smears, and mammograms: typically a letter will be sent to the patient for their review. If a f/u visit is made, then the results may be discussed at the next appointment or you will receive a phone call informing you of results.If you are signed up on the patient portal we will communicate via portal

The best way is to be on our portal and a message can be sent with results directly from the provider

In this office we work as a team. Dr. Brennan will not necessarily be calling all results herself. She will review every lab and then assign to office staff. If you will only accept lab results from Dr. Brennan, then you will need to schedule an appointment to review after your lab work has been done.

In order to try to keep on schedule, I ask for patients to arrive on time for their appointments. I have had to add a charge of $50 for appointments that are not cancelled (i.e. No call, No show). If you arrive late to an appointment, it will be to the discretion of the doctor as to whether you will need to reschedule.

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